5 Easy Ways To Help The Environment

In the spirit of Earth Day, I have listed out five easy ways to help the environment. These are simple solutions to everyday life that can have a lasting impact on the earth.

  • Use Less Plastic: Bring your own water bottle, everywhere. Try to avoid purchasing plastic heavy items. Many big name brands are moving in a eco-friendly direction and creating changes to their packaging. Try and opt for every day household and personal items that are made from recycled materials. Bring your own bags to the grocery store. If you forgot your bags, ask to see if the store has paper bag options instead of plastic.
  • Reuse before Recycle: Recycling is important. But if you can reuse something before you toss in the recycle bin, even better. There are so many ways you can get creative on reusing items. For example, maybe you love candles. Instead of throwing away the glass jars, repurpose them in your pantry! Fill them with spices, flour, oats, rice, anything!
  • Shop At Thrift Stores: Many stay away from thrift stores. They have a stigma for selling old, tattered clothing tossed in a bin that has no life or color left in it. But thrift stores have evolved so much over the years. With the digital age we live in, many online retailers solely repurpose second-hand clothing. Apps like Poshmark and Depop have Pinterest like platforms, but for buying and selling clothes. With such an easy approach you can easy browse for second-hand clothing, or sell you own …all from the comfort of your couch! If you are looking too sell a luxury brand item and need verification that the item is not a fake, retailers like TheRealReal, are available for designer goods.
  • Carpool When You Can: Carpooling may not always be the most convenient option, but if you can fill your car up with friends so all of you don’t have to fill your cars up with gas!
  • Leave It Cleaner Than You Found It: This rule applies to more circumstance than camping or having a picnic in the park. Pick up your trash every where you go…be a gem of a human and just clean up after yourself 🙂

I hope this inspires you! Happy Earth Day Everyday!

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