5 Ways To Help Save Our Oceans From Home

It’s an estimated 80% of ocean pollution comes from land. Millions of pounds of waste are dumped into our oceans every year. Even if you don’t live by the beach, there a still many ways to help keep our oceans blue and our beach clean! Here are 8 ways to help save our oceans from home.

Educate Yourself

It’s much easier to help save the ocean and inspire others to do the same when you know more about the matter. There is so much research out there to learn from. Documentaries, conservation websites, blogger advocates, museums, news outlets, and so much more. Read my blog post about Must Watch Movies About Ocean Conservation.

Use Less Plastic

We all know by now, well that plastic is not good for the environment. So much so that we as a society have made some pretty big changes. In most states, you have to pay for plastic bags when you’re shopping, plastic straws are banned, and coffee shops allow you to bring in your own coffee mug. Nobody is perfect, including myself, but making minor changes can all add up. Use a reusable water bottle, bringing your own bags, never use a plastic straw (they account for 3% of the trash found floating in the water), and use eco-friendly silverware or bring your own from home.

Reuse & Recycle As Much As Possible

Before you dispose of something, make sure you can’t recycle it or repurpose it somehow. Get creative with things before you toss them. For example, glass jars can be washed and now you can use them for storage, pot a plant, hold your pencils at your desk, anything! If you need to recycle items, find out where your local recycling center is a make a weekly trip.

Volunteer For Local Clean-Ups

Yes beach clean-ups are great but other community clean-ups are great too! Most of the trash that is harming our ocean comes from inland areas, like big inner cities. The litter that builds up on the side of roads, will make its way down canals into rivers and end up in the ocean. With a quick google search you can find out when the next local clean-up is in your area. Grab a friend and make a day out of it!

Eat Sustainable Seafood

.Fish populations around the world are decreasing at an alarming rate because of the demand for fishing and their unsustainable fishing methods. Next time you are craving seafood, be mindful of what you choose to consume. Whether you are buying seafood at the store or restaurant, take a few moments to see what species are sustainable.

Looking for more ways to help save our oceans? Check out the Surfrider Foundation, they are a great resource for plastic reduction, ocean protection, costal preservation and much more!


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