Best Movies About Ocean Conservation

best movies about ocean conservation

Do you love the ocean? Do you want to keep our oceans clean and protect marine life, but want to learn more on how you can help? I have created a list of the best movies about ocean conservation. These documentaries are not only informative, but are showcase the beauty of the ocean and connect with you in a way that you will walk away wanting to take action to keep our oceans blue. Check them out below!

A Plastic Ocean

This documentary discusses the invasion of plastic in our oceans and how our actions are directly effecting marine life. The shocking numbers and statistics, for example the millions of tons of plastic that is used daily, will make your skin crawl. In conclusion, A Plastic Ocean breaks down our impact and the plan of action that needs to happen before it’s too late. Click here to learn more about this movie.

Mission Blue

Legendary Oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle’s life mission is to save our oceans and spread awareness. The movie Mission Blue sheds light on commercial fishing, pollution, and climate change and how it is destroying the sea. Sylvia’s please to make a change touches the heart and speaks to your soul. Read more about Mission Blue here.

Brave Blue World

790 million people do not have access to clean water. The U.N. estimates that by 2025, 1.5 billion people will be living in water stress regions. Brave Blue World discusses the water crisis and how visionaries and inventors around the world are working day and night to develop solutions. Actors and Activist Jaden Smith and Matt Damon talk about their mission to help spread awareness and make a change to help bring clean water to communities. Find out more about the movie here.

Chasing Coral

Did you know coral is an animal? Well, our coral reefs are dying, and dying fast. Follow a team of scientist and divers as they explore the why and how of the reefs decay. The film took 3 years to film and over 500 hours of footage was captured to create this captivating film. Click here to learn more about Chasing Coral.


Blackfish uncovers the ugly truth of marine animals in captivity. The notorious Orca Whale, Tilikum, killed three people while in captivity at Sea World, and made national news. However, scientist and activist shed light on what really goes on at places like SeaWorld, and the sad reality for these beautiful creates swimming in circles all day. Grab a tissue box, you’ll need it. Read more about Blackfish here.


The documentary Seaspiracy exposes the truth on commercial fishing and how it impacts the environment. The facts and figures are mind blowing. Learn more about Seaspiricy here.


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