The best shell jewelry from Kimmy Kai Hawaii gold shell bangles

The Best Handmade Shell Jewelry

One of my favorite small businesses to shop for jewelry at is Kimmy Kai Hawaii! I came across Kimmy’s stunning pieces on Instagram and immediately fell in love. Each piece contains real seashells that are hand picked from the waters of Hawaii. Kimmy creates the best handmade shell jewelry!

What I Purchased

I purchased three gold bangle bracelets from her. Two bangles have different types of shells dangling from them, and one is a plain wave design that is more of an accent piece to the trio. I contacted Kimmy via Instagram, and she immediately responded. She helped me choose the perfect bangles, the colors of the shells I preferred, and asked if wanted anything resized for the perfect custom fit. It was such a pleasant experience working with her, that she is my to go to gal for all my shell jewelry.

Learn More About Kimmy Kai Hawaii

To find out more about Kimmy and her jewelry, follow her on Instagram!

To purchase one of her pieces, send her a DM on Instagram. I don’t think she has a website, so the best way to get in contact with her, is via social media. She designs necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. She also does custom orders.

Not only does she post the best handmade shell jewelry, but she shares behind the scenes content of her business and personal life. She posts videos of her hunting for shells, diving in the ocean, and her dreamy lifestyle of living in Hawaii. If you are looking to wear a piece of the ocean with you, definitely check her out.

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