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Having lived in California my whole life and spending most of my time outside, it’s been engrained in me to wear sunscreen daily to protect my skin. I love to live life under the sun, but that comes with caution. With suncare always on my mind, I am constantly looking for new products to try. I am in love with Bask Sunscare and here’s why I think it is one of the best clean sunscreens!

the best clean sunscreen bask suncare

I stumbled across Bask Suncare on Instagram and was instantly intrigued. Their branding is very eye-catching, they’re going for a retro surf type of vibe that I just LOVE. So I did some digging, read up on their story and how their product is different from the rest. I was sold, so I purchased the Bask SPF 30 Non-Aersol Spray & Lotion. Not only is their branding impressive, but I received my package in 2 days … so quick! So that was also very impressive.

A little about Bask and why they are one of the best clean sunscreens. It is reef safe, they use clean ingredients, and have partnered with The Skin Protection Foundation to help spread awareness about sun safety and use their products to help people protect themselves from skin cancer. If you want to learn more about their story and a note from the founder himself Mike, click here.

When the package arrived I grabbed my beach towel and headed out the door. I had to try this baby out. Was it going to be sticky? Smell like regular old sunblock? I was crossing my fingers that Bask wouldn’t let me down. I laid my towel down, tossed my jean shorts aside and sprayed my first layer of Bask on. And let me tell you, this product is amazing! No greasy residue, wasn’t too thick, it didn’t really feel like I had sunscreen on! A++ for Bask, I’m in love with it! Bask, you have a fan and customer for life!

If you want to learn more about Bask Suncare and why they are one of the best clean sunscreens, click here.

Practice sun safety and enjoy the sunshine friends!


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