The Perfect Beach Picnic Set Up

What does the perfect beach picnic need? Sand, sunshine and wine! I recently came found out about Macy’s Wine Shop, and they have such a great selection! Whether you’re planning a beach picnic with friends, your significant other, or maybe just yourself, check out Macy’s Wine Shop for the perfect beach picnic set up.

What do you need for a beach picnic? Grab a few blankets and fill a big tote bag with wine, snacks, maybe a small speaker to listen to some music, or a good book to enjoy.

The best part about Macy’s Wine Shop is they deliver the wine right to your front door. I’ve partner with them and anybody can receive 3 free bottles of wine! Yes, you read that right, free wine! You just need to use the link below, and pay for shipping ($14.95). Not a bad deal right?!

Link for free wine: https://glnk.io/qzv16/fontaynesisson

Please note, I do receive a small commission on every purchase. Cheers friends!

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